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Consultant Psychiatrist by background, I have over two decades of rigorous, professional medical training and experience. Credibility counts.

I have spent years successfully leading and analyzing teams within the highly pressured, fast-paced hospital world.

Coaching at large remains loosely regulated; so pretty much anyone can stick up a website and advertise themselves as an ‘expert’.

Your safety working with me is in knowing that I am an expert in the mind and people. How they function (or don’t at times!) both as individuals and within groups.

Credentials wise, I am EMCC accredited and have a qualification at Senior Practitioner Level having graduated the highly regarded Tavistock Consulting Executive Coaching Programme.

I offer a unique service and skillset that successfully marries tradition with innovation.

Some of the organisations I’ve worked with:

Covid corporate wellbeing

Being a medically trained clinical psychiatrist now working in the executive coaching space I am uniquely placed to help you with the wellbeing of your people at this critical time.

I would be delighted to work with your organisation to deliver something tailored to your specific needs.

For Groups…

‘The Work experience’

A regular drop-in facilitated group to explore issues and challenges that have arisen during Covid. (Themes may include; working from home challenges, loss of purpose, maintaining wellness and resilience, stress, anxiety, burnout, bereavement, transitions).

Lunchtime seminars

Covering the above but more informational and a seminar-based model. 

For Individuals…

Drop-in service

Evidence is showing that organisations will be judged by how they treated and looked after their staff during this crisis and how sustainable these offers are. Future recruits will look back at how these challenging times were supported.

 A drop-in, safe, impartial, confidential well-being space for discussion of the challenges that confers anonymity is a non-stigmatising way to introduce such a concept. I would be offering a regular ‘clinic’-like input committing to an agreed amount of time per week or month.

Why me?

– Experienced in working acutely with anxiety, trauma and crises which would fit with the ‘emergency’ feeling we are facing.

– Experienced in working with ‘risk’, complexity and uncertainty.

– Experienced in offering well received work-discussion and reflective spaces for leaders in fast-paced, academic and demanding settings to participants who may not recognise the need or value for such spaces.

– Expert in inclusion and diversity dynamics (again acute at present)

What we would do together

Get to know your blindspots. The stuff you might miss in models that are more ‘tool-kit’ based or formulaic. Yes I may ask you to ‘tell me about your childhood’ – but not for the sake of sheer nosiness or to be clichéd. This is not therapy. It matters because the patterns we develop early on can often play out unbeknownst to us in our working lives too; hindering growth and progress or simply making us unhappy anxious, or unfulfilled.

We meet either in person or virtually and work to unpick the interplay between you as a person, your role and organisational dynamics at play.

It is not as awful as it may sound – we can deal with the ‘whole’ of you; the messy, unpleasant, difficult aspects of working life included.

We create a safe space that is creative, exploratory and fun! There are no gimmicks. We use what happens in the room. This is experiential coaching at it’s best, not a case of ‘ten steps to tick-box yourself happy’.


Curiosity…you may not even entirely know what led you to be on this site at this moment. All that we need is that you are curious about yourself and your career (or your organization and employees).

Corners….you may feel backed into one, like hiding in one or seeking one for a quiet chat. Leadership can be lonely.

Challenges…you want to be challenged and for something to change.


I’m old school, I believe the next best step is an actual human conversation so drop me a line to connect:

+44 20 3718 9217

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